Just about in every 4IR conversation I nowadays have, the question regarding new technologies and the inevitability of job losses is asked. My explanation is that consumer demand (our demands) for better, cheaper, and faster product delivery is the cause for this exponential acceleration in innovation. We need to put the future in perspective and realise that we will have to adapt as humans to re-invent ourselves and learn the skills to stay relevant. We have to manage our own obsolescence by constantly comparing our current skills and experience with future trends. We have to ask ourselves how these trends affect our current positions and the role we fulfil in our organizations and then decide on the new skills we have to develop to maintain our positions and add value to our organizations. This way of thinking must become our way of life, and we need to instil it in our children, colleagues, and organizations. If you do not constantly evolve as an individual, you will get left behind. Here are some relevant articles to give more insight into the skills and jobs of the future. I implore you to start this discussion with the youth and your colleagues today. They need the right direction by Johan Pretorius, Group Information Leader at Aerosud.

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