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Why University4Industry?

Digitization and Industry 4.0 need new skills

Digitization existentially affects all companies and all employees. All employees need to learn new skills and new methods now to keep up with the change, and stay ahead and competitive!

Relevant knowledge from practitioners - for practitioners

Digitization can only be achieved by applying relevant and application-oriented knowledge. With us, thought leaders pioneering change within industry explain new methods, technologies and concepts.

Not "will you ..." but "this knowledge I need for digitization"

Our goal is to provide our customers with the optimal range of content that directly meets their learning needs and goals. All content is relevant, practical and tailored to the specific context of each target group that we work with.

A learning format that inspires and generates added value.

Online learning with us is not only educational but also fun. That's because our instructional videos are TV-quality and not "gray" and drab, but modern and appealing. The exercises are not only simple tests, but they allow participants to apply their knowledge and extend newly learned content. This is how we achieve real added value.