The fourth industrial revolution is already here and we're missing it

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming and coming fast. In combination with innovations such as driverless cars, 3D printing, and drones that are already changing how products are manufactured and delivered, we will start to see a wide range of jobs starting to disappear.

These will initially be in areas such as data capture and administration, but will then start impacting on mining and farm workers before moving on to affecting more skilled people like accountants, lawyers and doctors.

With South Africa's current unemployment challenge, this has serious implications. And this is why we need to accelerate efforts to adopt more AI that empowers people, rather than simply look for AI that replaces people. That said, we also cannot ignore the potential AI has to free people up to do high-value activities, and the opportunity it presents to make people more efficient. And while AI is threatening some types of jobs, it is also driving job creation. Read more...