There is no question that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. That it is taking place globally at unpredictably fast rates is common cause. The biggest unknown is the size of the seismic change ahead of us and its impact on the developing world, particularly the African continent.

The disruptions that digital technology will bring are expected across industries and all economic sectors, impacting the job market of the future, skills development and education of the workplace and not least, the way we live. For Africa, the Fourth Industrialisation poses massive opportunities, but also some critical risks.

Previous industrial revolutions heightened and increased regional divisions and marginalised the most vulnerable societies in the world. It is imperative that governments shape the current globalisation trends to ensure inclusivity and fairness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through collaboration and partnerships. Strong collaboration and consensus is required between government, academia, science councils, business and labour.

With Africa having the world’s youngest population, the most pertinent question to my mind is, “How does Africa, with the development and climate challenges it faces, take its place in a Globalisation 4.0 context?”. Read more...