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Future Industrial Production & Technologies - The Digital Industrial Revolution

The Digital Industrial Revolution (DIR) (also known as 4-IR or Industry 4.0) will profoundly shape our efforts to promote industrial development. The scale, scope and complexity of this new technological revolution will bring experiences unknown to humankind in the form of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) where computers, networks and physical processes are integrated. In particular, when compared to the previous industrial revolutions, the DIR is occurring at an exponential pace.

Why a leadership reset in SA construction is necessary for the 4th industrial revolution

A recent Balfour Beatty survey envisions a construction industry with dramatic digital capability by 2050. The construction industry both in South Africa and the rest of the world has been known to be slow to adapt to change, but the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is here to stay, calling for a new approach to leadership in the industry. With long-standing resistance to change and low productivity, the construction industry also needs to urgently embrace new technologies.

Can the humanities prepare African students for the fourth industrial revolution?

A humanities degree can open people’s minds in the fourth industrial revolution. The term “fourth industrial revolution” is understood in various ways. Some people are excited about it. Others are cautious. Some assume it means that technology and robots will take over every human activity. And still others imagine that this “revolution” will lead only to joblessness and automation.

How 4IR will benefit South Africa

South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world is in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 4IR is happening all around us. Looking around our country and at the lives of our people, you may be tempted to deny it, but deny it at our peril. Denying the coming impact of the 4IR’s is as ludicrous as denying that the world is round. That fire is hot. Water is wet. Denial will put South Africa at a disadvantage, and we shall fall swiftly behind the countries that are already embracing this new economic paradigm.

How to survive the 4th industrial revolution

What is this fourth industrial revolution (4IR) that people are raving about? It’s a digital revolution that will transform the way people live, work and relate to each other. Societies will be ‘hyper-connected’, where digital interfaces such as the internet of things (IoT), big data, robotics, mobile devices and artificial intelligence will trigger connection with everything – including electricity grids.