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Skills You Need Now to Land the Jobs of the Future

Just about in every 4IR conversation I nowadays have, the question regarding new technologies and the inevitability of job losses is asked. My explanation is that consumer demand (our demands) for better, cheaper, and faster product delivery is the cause for this exponential acceleration in innovation. We need to put the future in perspective and realise that we will have to adapt as humans to re-invent ourselves and learn the skills to stay relevant. We have to manage our own obsolescence by constantly comparing our current skills and experience with future trends. We have to ask ourselves how these trends affect our current positions and the role we fulfil in our organizations and then decide on the new skills we have to develop to maintain our positions and add value to our organizations. This way of thinking must become our ...

Xuviate, a community to support your business agility journey.

Business agility is a key ingredient in ensuring future success. It requires a new set of skills and knowledge to become agile. Aerosud joined this dynamic community to discover new ways to move faster and overcome challenges threatening to disrupt the business. We (Aerosud) can vouch for the valuable insights and recommend Xuvaite provided and how it delivered better outcomes in our day-to-day operations and initiatives. We recommend that you visit their site and see how they can be of value to your business. It's been two exciting years since we joined and we would like to thank Xuviate for creating this platform to assist businesses. We are looking forward to our future interactions.

Young South Africans to lead the revolution

Talking about a revolution: The fourth industrial revolution is characterised by the confluence of advancements in technologies and is catalysed by artificial intelligence. (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach)

Millennials are seeking more, reveals Deloitte study

The results of the 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey are in and one thing is clear, this generation wants more with only 17 per cent of the South African cohort in this year’s survey, expressing uneasiness and pessimism—about their careers, their lives in general, and the world around them.

The 4th industrial revolution in Africa: The next great frontier

Analysis in brief: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now underway and is set to forever change the way in which economies relate to each other in the global market. This is a vital opportunity for the rapidly developing African economies to assert themselves as vital hubs in the international manufacturing sector.

Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies in Africa’s Manufacturing Environment

African manufacturers are aspiring to raise their standards to increase efficiency of their enterprise operations through the comprehensive uptake of sophisticated technology such as IoT and IIoT i.e. Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things respectively. Dynamic, tech-savvy industrialists are resourcefully making use of innovative technology solutions to achieve improved quality control and an efficient supply chain, consequently shifting the status quo of the sector.